Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

No matter the age or condition of your home, a home energy audit will either ensure it is energy efficient or assess the areas where it is not. Based on which recommendations and suggested improvements you adopt from your home energy audit, your home’s energy efficiency may increase dramatically. An energy audit is a wise investment, and, as you will see, for more than just saving you money. Here are several benefits scheduling a home energy audit:

Go Green

You may not have realized this, but residential homes can greatly contribute to the amount of greenhouse gases present in our atmosphere. Old heating equipment is one of the largest culprits, as newer models are much safer and more energy efficient. Today’s latest oil-fired heating units, for example, are non-explosive, produce no observable dirt or odors, and contain no carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents. Whether you use oil, gas, or electric heating, however, using less energy means reducing the amount of environmental pollution.

Block Leaks

Thorough, properly done energy audits involve much more than an examination of the existing tanks or heating and cooling units. A good assessment will include a search for possible building leaks, whether structural or insulation-related. After taking their suggestions into consideration, cost-effective sealing options may instantly increase the heating and cooling efficiency of your home. While looking for leaks, your assessor should also check for any areas with improper ventilation, a key factor that encourages mildew and mold growth. The home inspection may also reveal other structural or safety issues that could cause major damage. In this way, an energy audit can make your home safer in addition to more efficient.

Save Money

A detailed energy audit report will include a prioritized list of recommendations to make running your home significantly more efficient. As you will quickly realize, implementing these measures could drastically lower your energy bills and increase your energy savings. For example, your heating and cooling units will not have to run as often or as long to maintain a comfortable temperature. Leaks and low-efficiency equipment will continue to weigh down your utility bill until you use an energy audit as your first step toward savings. Setting up an energy audit and making the necessary changes is an investment, but you will see a strong return on that investment in terms of energy savings each year.

Increase Market Value

Most people focus on their significant energy cost savings and may not realize that an energy audit can also help increase their home’s resale value. As the annual energy costs for your home decrease, the market value will increase. This is because more buyers are beginning to consider the property’s operating expenses, and they will be more likely to purchase a home that is clearly well maintained. As a property owner taking strides to improve energy efficiency, you may also be eligible for government tax incentives and rebates.

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