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Let's face it; the primitive nature of our animals has been undermined over the years. Whether it's either the typical domesticated animals, or the unconventional non-domesticated ones, we know they demand a lot. And if you want what's best for your animal, you need to start by feeding it right with the best farm and pet supplies in NJ. We have an informative, friendly team that can help direct you towards the healthiest meal options, supplements, and supplies for your specific pet's needs today!

Come inside our shop, or check online the brands of animal feeds we carry today! If we don't stock it, just ask! Custom orders for farm and pet supplies in NJ are always welcome… Delivery service is also available.

Selecting The Right Dog Food

Dogs are carnivores with adaptive omnivorous tendencies. This means that dogs can eat an expanded assortment of foods, both animals and vegetables, and continue a healthy lifestyle. However, owners must understand that a canine's activity level must be supplemented with significant protein.

Protein compounds can be found in both plant and animal sources. For example, check out the comparison between raw poultry (chicken) and raw grain (corn). The chicken consists of about 27 grams of protein, while one ear of corn has approximately 4.5 grams of protein. By examining the ingredients on the back of the bag, you may notice that yellow corn is listed first. This means that this particular product isn't an ample protein source for your dog.

One of the best protein enrichments comes from chicken, lamb, or beef meal (essentially dehydrated meat), and it contains 65%-70% protein. Raw meat is wet, containing only 12% protein and 70% water (Canidae). So all those table scraps you've been feeding your animal may not be the most nutritious supply for their needs.

Carbohydrates like barley, rice, oats and potatoes are also essential to your dog's diet. These vital ingredients not only provide energy for canines, but also help nurture the health of their heart, brain, thyroid, liver, and nerve tissue. Look for a combination of these elements in your dog's food, and you will witness a more alert, high-spirited companion.

Selecting The Right Cat Food

Cats have very different demands than dogs, and must strictly eat animal-based proteins. The available plant-based proteins that both dogs and humans can absorb into their diets, simply does not provide enough critical amino acids for cats. One example of a vital amino acid for cats is taurine. This supplement is absent from plants, and its omission can lead to deficiencies for cats causing blindness or heart problems.

Because cats do not require carbohydrates in their diets, choose an absorbable amount in a modest volume. In fact, wild cats incorporate a very moderate amount (between 3-5%) into their nourishment. This means that since all dry foods demand carbohydrates in order to complete processing, owners must monitor the levels each brand blends into their cat's diet. One alternative would be to feed your feline canned food, which typically contains the ideal amount of carbs to keep them healthy by avoiding any detrimental concerns.

Cats are traditionally desert creatures, and therefore they have an inclination to consume less water than they truly should. A majority of the moisture in a cat's diet is extracted from the food they ingest. Canned food consists of the same amount of moisture (78%) that a wild cat's diet would normally entail. To prevent dehydration if your cat doesn't regularly consume water, we recommend that you either supply your cat with canned food, or soak your pet's dry food in something water-based.


Selecting The Right Horse Food

Horses come in all sizes and shapes, and lead different lifestyles, which transpires directly to their specific dietary demands. How do you define your horse?  

  • Active Pleasure?
  • Performance?
  • Breeding?
  • Growing?
  • Senior?
Each horse has a individual metabolism rate, which means that even if there is a common breed and activity level, nutritional demands could be contrasting. Also, a central supplement of most horses diets is hay or pasture; the volume, type, and quality will influence the feed selected. With our informative team, and the extensive satisfying options in farm and pet supplies here at Lawes, we can assist you in feeding your horse right the product today!   

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