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Lawes News & Current Events

Service News

Not an oil customer? Not a problem! Lawes is now proud to extend our unconditional service on either oil-fired, or gas-fired equipment for your home today!

Green News

Looking to alleviate your costs for home comfort? Well, Lawes is now here to help with our certified technicians that are trained to conduct home energy audits! Schedule an audit today, and watch your dollars stay in your pockets!

Office News

Searching for that perfect dog food formula, but you think you’re lost? That is because the Lawes headquarters has been recently renovated, and all of your pet’s needs are next door with your outdoor power equipment. All pet’s are welcome to shop too!

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Environmentally friendly & technologically advanced

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We here at Lawes want to save you time and money. An energy audit can be more effective then you think.

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Our certified oil and gas burner technicians are available 24 hrs a day!

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Save BIG with our current
discounts and special offers

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